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“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”   Jesus (John 8:32)



Truth gives birth to freedom. Discovering the truth behind your child's behavior gives you freedom to step into the conflict in a way that is actually helpful.  

At Parent Help Now, we first offer help in discovering the truth about your child's behavior that seems out of place, or doesn't initially appear to make sense.

Secondly, we will equip you with tools that are practical, simple and easy to implement in your role as a parents.  The work we do together isn't necessarily easy or fun, but it will be enlightening and empowering for both you and your child!

Individual Parent Coaching
Parent Workshops
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Melinda Bayless, founder of Parent Help Now, is a certified Advanced Family Life Coach. Melinda has spent more than twenty five years helping children and parents identify and address the underlying issues that often manifest in behavioral difficulties.


After spending thousands of hours, talking with hundreds of children, and (with her husband, Rick) serving as foster parents to more than 40 children, Melinda came to one simple, undeniable conclusion: there is always a reason for a child’s unacceptable behavior.  Helping families discover the reason, is what energizes Melinda in her work as a Family Life Coach.


In the words of a co-worker, “Melinda has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter and offer words of wisdom and suggestions that make sense and create change.”

“I prayed for wisdom to know how to help my daughter and your name came to my mind as someone I would trust to help us.”   Hollee A.
“I’m channeling my inner “Melinda” today.  Thank you for your wisdom.  I can’t believe we’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to get help for our son and you were right here, the whole time.                 Connie & Tim W








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